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Have I told you that one of my favorite animal is dragonfly? I think it is the most fascinating insect all the time. Well, there’re so much cool animals in the world if you often watch discovery channel, right? But still, dragonfly is the coolest animal from my childhood. And ‘dragonfly’ is an awesome name, yes?

Actually I’m not a biggest fan of animal. But I could play along with this awesome insect all day long. The most interesting way to play with dragon fly was by tying the dragonfly with a thread and play it like a kite. I know it’s kinda cruel. But it’s a hell of fun. LOL.

And here I was, 21 years old boy, didn’t have a holiday activities. So I creatively made silly activities : captured dragonflies~

Aaah!! It was really fun!! There’re a lot of dragonflies. I felt bad, though. I’m afraid I disturbed their ecosystem. And more importantly, I’m afraid I disturbed fairy-land. I released them immediately so the fairy could ride them again, after I take a lot of pictures of course 😛

P.S. : yes, I still believe dragonflies are fairies’ transportation.