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Boy!! I love every scene in this crossover episode (except how they cut an important scene that you will understand after watch it. I know they have one more episode tomorrow. But how could they cut today episode like that?). Anyway, let’s go fanboying tonight.

Batman vs. Superman? Whaaat? Flash vs. Arrow : Damn yesss!!!

I know I know you can compare those two. But both of versus are DC. And as excited as I am to watch Batman vs. Superman movie, Flash vs. Arrow has stole my heart and the excitement happened a minute after the first episode where Barry Allen came to Starling City. The crossover was only waiting for the right time. And then it came tonight! And it was awesome.

Let me fanboying about Flash vs Arrow first before I ramble about another superheroes. Barry (Gustin Grant) and Oliver (Stephen Amell) were perfect. They had the best chemistry and complete each other. The Flash bring the warm feeling to Arrow dark tone. And team Arrow and team Flash? More awesome. Felicity and Caitlin? Digle and Cisco? Love them. Well, minus Dr. Well. I still don’t understand him. He’s scary.

And why I mentioned Batman vs Superman? Of course like I said before, all of them are DC’s. And I don’t know why these crossover episodes remind me of the upcoming movie (still long way to go though). Batman is the Arrow, and Superman is the Flash. But, Man of Steel ruin this imagination. Both are too serious and dark. I do miss the warm Superman. But I will keep watching the movie anyway.

So, go watch this show. Hush hush. And let me know what do you think about the episode (or the series). Enjoy.

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