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Ep. 12 – Heroes and Villains
All right, I am really trying not to show too much excitement and too nerdy in this post since someone told me so. Haha. And half of this episode is boring though. But after that. Aaargh……. I will continue my rambling in my blog. I just want to say, see you on 76 days from now 😴

Watching Once Upon a Time by Season 4

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I almost fell asleep on the half first of this episode. It’s get a little interesting when 3 villains showed and paraded their costume. Well, Regina was better Ursula. Anyway, it was a good thing.

The writers need work hard so much to write these club of villains though. Especially Maleficent since she was in the first season and I don’t know how she is now. I wish she is still alive so we can watch her again.

And then I love Belle scene with the dagger. She was so left behind this season. But I’m glad she shined in this episode.

Robin – Regina scene? Meh. I love Regina of course. But Robin was so boring. He will come back I’m sure. Emma – Regina – Henry scene? That’s the most exciting scene. Aaargh. Can we just have another series only about Operation Mongoose?

And with Knave of Heart in it. What he was doing in Storybrooke anyway? Is the studio has so much money to spend so they cast everyone without stories to be told? Not like I mind. And I’m sure he will have stories. But please start it soon.

Sorry for the long rambling. Have a good 76 days. *sigh*