ICBD 2015, April 2nd.
Many Cultures One Story

“We speak many languages and come from different backgrounds, Yet we share the same stories”

International stories… folklore stories

It’s the same story told to us all
In different voices
In different colors

Yet it remains unchanged…
And End…
It is the same story we all know & love

We all heard it
In different versions by different voices

Yet it is always the same
There is a hero… a princess… & a villain
No matter their language Their names
Or their faces

It is always the same
And Ending
Always that hero…that princess and that villain

Unchanged through centuries
They keep us company
They whisper to us in our dreams
They lull us to sleep
Their voices long gone
But they live in our hearts forever
For they bring us together in a land of mystery and imagination

So that all different cultures melt into One Story

written by: Marwa Al Aqroubi 

Reading The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning by Chris Colfer at Starbucks

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